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4 Search Engine Tips:

Why use the following tips? They work! We are listed in the top 20 at Google and Yahoo for popular keywords.

1. Some of the indexes listing your backlink(s) can be submitted, to allow engines to crawl your links. This works only if the website showing your link is not listed.

2. Is your site listed at the engines? Searching for your url without "http://" and "/" at the end is efficient because these zero in on your address.

3. If your site is not listed, change something about your site that you think may make it more SE friendly and resubmit. For help, see Google Webmaster.

4. Top Reasons (based on 5 years experience in SEO) your site is NOT listed at Engines:
A. Similar content to another website. Solution: create new valuable content. If your using affiliate links, see if the affiliate program has different link codes for multiple sites. Affiliates must make sure that a site adds value to the web. Provide unique content that gives users a reason to visit your website first.
B. Lack of high quality relevant backlinks. Solution: search for the backlinks of popular sites using "link:" - get your ad on the pages of these results. The highest quality relevant sites for all searches are found at the top of SE results.
C. No site maps. Solution: Create two site maps, one for Google Sitemaps (sign in required) and one as an inside page for web surfers.
D. Broken links and incorrect HTML write up. Solution: You can do a manual check for broken links. Some broken link software may not pick up site-not-found pages.
E. Low Quality Outbound Links. Solution: Do a manual check for low content (low quality) outbound links and remove these links if no link exchange agreement exists. Also, add relevant high quality sites to your inside pages - these sites can be found at the top of SEs. It may not be possible to get into a link exchange agreement with the best sites, but keeping them listed should give your website more value.

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