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Internet Gambling Act - Play 1:

Now they want to monitor internet gambling. Our online freedom should not be banned!

What does the US government think they are doing? Responsible American citizens are smart people, they can make their own minds up whether or not to spend their own hard earned money gambling. To justify the US government, I could see only those on welfare getting in trouble for losing their money on casino games.

Can you imagine, for a second, a loser high school dropout adult about 35 years of age, who never was able to hold a job. Friday he gets his weekly welfare check. He sells his food stamps for $200 and puts the money is his checking account. Saturday, he logs in to his online casino account and makes a $200 deposit. The guy wants to double his money so he can save up to buy a new motorcycle. What are the odds of cashing out a winner at an online casino? A little less than half the people should actually walk away winners, right? Well, the guy loses and has to eat the lemons he got from his father's lemon tree for the next week because he now doesn't have a penny to his name. This is the type of person who should be given a fine by the government. He should be given 48 hours of community service picking up garbage.

Now, let's say a successful CEO of a fortune 500 company gambles online and loses his $10,000 paycheck. To punish the succcessful CEO with online monitoring is like saying your really too stupid to make your own decisions. Would not he think twice next time he wants to gamble his hard earned money?

Do you think the successful CEO is wiser and smarter than most government law makers? No, all successful people are smart, right? What happens if the suposedly smart law makers came up with a stupid law like monitoring online gambling? Would not that convey to US citizens that the American is not strong enough to think straight?

US Congress may be against Civil Rights, but they need to think twice about dwelling into middle to high class population and punish only the people who take from and do not contribute to society. I say let all responsible people make their own decisions. Educating the public on the odds of online casino gaming is the best way to keep America the Land of the Free. To take the freedom to choose away from citizens would take foolish laws - who wants to be seen as being a citizen of a foolish country?

BEWARE OF THE LAWMAKERS! As of November 2009, the US govenment has already stripped it's citizens of the right to choose by placing a ban of Credit Card puchases at online casinos. Why is the government doing this? Maybe the lawmakers decision to ban the use of credit cards is the cause of bad carma that caused the terrorists to attack the World Trade Centers. Maybe the US government is becoming a dictatorship. Whatever the case, I think the US lawmakers are putting out a message that says, we are your brain, and we make some of your decisions. What is that? Make Jesus president, he'll legalize everything and help to make all citizens strong and wise.

Help minimize the money loss addiction: If you know of someone who has a gambling problem, use reverse phychology and say this, "I think it's time to bet all your money on a round of slots." Then be honest, throw them a curve ball and say "go to, there is enough free cash there to strike a jackpot." Some of the casinos have monthly bonuses that never end. Tell your problem gambler friend this: "use's no deposit casinos - a place to find fair gaming casinos." If they win and meet the playthrough requirements, they can cash out.

As for all government officials and lawmakers, give them praise for doing a great job that goes unnoticed. is in the business of Casino Promotion and may be a bit hard on the lawmaker's power because online gaming is an innocent form of entertainment. Don't let anyone tell you to believe something that requires another to act in a weak nature. The next time someone tells you that online casinos break the rules of society tell them the only rules online casinos break are the rules of made-up lies. Say, "online casinos don't want addicted low morale customers to comingle with, they want a strong customer who has the strength to look temptation in the eye and say I WILL NEVER GAMBLE MORE THAN I CAN HANDLE." What this does is gives gamers a sense of empowerment to entertain themselves within their budget. If you know someone who thinks they can swing the odds in their favor, tell them they have been misled. The player's odds are in their favor only when they walk away a winner. When was the last time a good friend of yours walked away a winner? It happens less for the problem gambler because they play on and on with the odds against them. Take this advice for all: minimize your playtime and keep your daytime job.

All online casinos at are governed by trustworthy third parties. If you ever encounter an unjust online casino, email and say a little prayer.

God Bless Online Casino Operators.

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