Organic Search Engine Listings Explained:

I bet you're wondering what it takes to make it to the top of Google, Yahoo and msn search. I don't have all the answers, but I can offer experience and insight into search engines and site popularity.

A webmaster all my life and an online casino affiliate for seven years, I know how the engines rank sites.

There are approximately 61,000 global monthly searches for keyword phrase "no deposit casinos." is ranked within the top 20 at Google and Yahoo for these words and numerous others.

In order to get top ranking at search engines, a site must be popular. Also, I know your meta tag description and keywords need to be updated to reflect page content.

Once a big engine (Google, Yahoo, bing) has your site in its spider crawl, submitting your url becomes useless until your site is not found at the engine. My advice: I would spend time Updating your site with useful content.

Once a week, I recommend searching for your URL name at Google, Yahoo and bing. For example: At the engine search If your site is not found, there could be numerous reasons why your site is not listed. It may be that the engine does not like a certain thing about your site or its backlinks.

I seek to master the Search Engine Marketing field, if I haven't already achieved this goal. Getting a site listed at a top engine for free is really the only way to submit. Once a top engine eliminates their free submission service, their engine becomes a little biased toward paying web site owners and their search results get more of an advertising feel. However, the paying web site owners still must have a popular site to get a top 10 ranking with primary keywords.

Paying for or submitting your url for free is not what matters, what matters most is a site needs to be recognized as a popular site in order to get high ranking. A popular site is really popular, there are no legitimate ways of faking a site's traffic flow. The reason why engines like popular sites is because high popularity shows votes of confidence from the public. When I see myself as a search engine owner, I want all searchers using my engine to find sites that help them to satisfy their needs. In other words, good search engines are looking to win users over to keep them coming back. The best way to win users over is to put the best sites at the top of the search results. An already popular site (or in other words, a site that already is a successful business) is an important factor when determining search results. What percentage of searchers when searching for sporting news would have a better experience at than at the Fast and Updated

When submitting, take 1 to 3 minutes to read each engine's procedure. Also, contacting the engine via email to show you care will always help build rapport. What you can do is place their link somewhere on a good page at your site and let them know. Search engines usually have a search engine and an online link directory. In most cases, an engine (excluding in this example msn, Yahoo and Google) will do 1 of three things once they see their link at your site. They will just shrug off the free link, they will place a link to your url in their directory or they will improve your site's placement in their directory. There are no laws against an engine administrator boosting a site's engine ranking for primary keywords if they like your site. If they decide to boost your search engine ranking they won't actually tell you this for fear of being considered an unfair search engine. For example, I started telling engines about their link at my site about 18 months back and I have yet to get a response saying "Congratulations, I just boosted your results in our engine!"

Getting an artificial boost in search results for keywords is harder to detect than a boost in the directory. A boost is a boost, and to get one artificially takes some giving on the submitters side. To understand the reality of a seemingly unfair artificial boost in ranking, ask yourself this question: "If I owned a good engine and 10 other good sites, would I make sure my sites were listed at the top of my search results?" If your having a tough time, like I did, with Google ranking, you can create and submit your xml site-map to Google Sitemaps. Two weeks after I submitted my xml site-map to Google I finally found my site in the top 100 links for my keywords. Another thing to note is Google gets many of their sites from the Open Directory Project (dmoz). To get listed in dmoz, your site can only carry a few affiliate links. The Open Directory Editing Guidelines clearly states to generally not include sites consisting mostly of affiliate links. But fear not, the Editing Guidelines go on to state if your affiliate linked site contains other useful content, there is a chance of inclusion at dmoz.

The successful webmaster sees directory submissions as a win win situation. Following submission guidelines is the first step in winning over the directory administrator. The guidelines followed by dmoz are a good indicator to the rules followed by other good directories. for example is an edited directory with a personal guide that acts as the administrator or expert of his or her subject. I've never seen the rules for listing at About, but I can tell you the pages at their site list very few affiliate linked sites. The reason why affiliate linked sites are not popular with directory editors is because the links at these sites point to pages that mirror their own home page. To include affiliate linked sites would only create a huge directory of portals who carry the same destination content. What this does is gives a great advantage to sites not filled with affiliate links. For the non-affiliate linked site, the greatest challenge to inclusion in a good directory is just the actual submission itself. If you find your non-affiliate url listed in the back of the directory or on the bottom of the page, email the contact person and give them a good point about your site that proves your site belongs at the top of your category. For example, say "Can I get you to move my link to the top of my category?" Mention that "the other sites above my directory listing contain outdated content, broken links and affiliate links." Tell the contact person that "For consideration of this improved position, I have in turn placed your banner or link at such-and-such page." In effect, your submission is becoming more like an advertising agreement - what it should have been in the first place.

I used to run the Google Voting Swap (see April 2005 GVS archive), where about 100 of us would watch our Google link popularity relative to our Page Rank (PR) online. I discovered, in most cases, the higher your Google link popularity, the higher your PR. Fairly new websites filled with affiliate links, generally do not obtain high Google popularity numbers. But some of the older affiliate linked sites (sites found at the top of Google search results) show promise to newer site owners. Eventually, I believe all sites with high link popularity at Yahoo and msn will see high Google link popularity. How did the Google Voting Swap go in terms of success? Great, it made me work to seek Google's site for answers to what it takes to get top positioning. I published what I found on the Google Vote Swap page and a second page titled "Top 10 Things to do to Get Top Google Ranking." I am convinced that in order to get a top 10 position at Google a site must have multiple links from other similar content sites. The pages your site's link are on should carry a good Google Page Rank. The higher the PR the greater the possibility of a higher importance score for your website. In theory, increase the amount of good PR pages and increase your site's ranking.

During the Voting Swap, members also voted for each others sites using the voting buttons on the Google Toolbar. The Google Yellow Vote Swap Success: I discovered that the voting buttons on the Google Toolbar did nothing to improve my rankings and Page Rank. It could be some of the Vote Swap members gave me blue frown votes, but what matters most is it was all in fun and it really made me appreciate the value of a good Fast site. Surfing slow sites gave me the desire to help url owners speed up their pages. First I had to make my site fast. I constantly achieve this by minimizing my html and banner bytes and by validating my html to get zero html errors. When viewing the page souce of this web page, what you can see is that I condensed the html for fast loading. Each html character including spaces and carriage returns equals 1 byte.

What are the best things to work on to improve my rankings? Get your site's link on high quality sites and Update your site's content. People like new information. Having a site that people enjoy is priceless. Ask yourself this, "when people are at my home site, do they like what they see?" Ask yourself, "what makes a site enjoyable?" Ask, "when I return to sites I have visited, why I am doing this?" My answer to the last question in my role as a webmaster is "because I seek updates." In my role as a normal person, my answer to the last question is "because I enjoy updates." Knowing customer behavior and opinions is a leap toward greater success. When a customer knows or senses your site is really popular, he or she enters a comfort zone and will satisfy whatever it is they want. Imagine what would happen if your site made the local news or how about the national news? Picture a newscaster saying "more info on this subject can be seen at" or " is a great resource on this subject, that's (spelling your url to the viewers) y-o-u-r-s-i-t-e-.-com." If this happened, wouldn't you just be happy as a clam at high water? More people would have a greater trust in your site as a top resource.

As for search engine listing work, why not make a goal to get your website at all search engines? The engine is in fact the part of the airplane which provides power, or propulsion, to pull the airplane through the air. To ignore high quality search engines because they are too sexy is foolish. Making sure your url is at a good engine is 10 times more important than sending possible spam (solicited) emails to customers or monitoring expensive pay-per-clicks that will eventually run out. Show you care and manually submit your popular or potentially popular site to the best engines yourself the first time.

When submitting to the engines, have your url, title, description, keywords and email ready to copy and paste from notepad or a Word type document. Set aside some time to really master your description. A good description is one that doesn't duplicate words and looks professionally written. In some cases, for engines without the spider crawl feature, having all your secondary page's info ready to copy and paste helps the process go fast. When finished submitting, give the engine a few months to get your link up. The wise webmaster is one who understands the other webmaster's priorities. I can tell you that 1 little free submission to an engine or directory that prefers paying submissions is quite low on the importance level of the engine administator's to do list. Check back at engines to see if your site is listed. If needed, offer the engine webmaster a good link pointing to their site and email them to let them know. What this does is starts a business relationship with a very important person.

Take this advice to heart: stick to the same basic advice you get from webmasters like myself who have been around a while. Remember, the successful webmaster is one who is on a mission to supply a high demand.

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